love art lovers of internetgallery-F,


we would like to introduce you to the internetgallery-F.

the internetgalerie-F is in the house of "Dr. Hans Maag Foundation "in Bad Nauheim

integrated and shows, similarly engaged and mediating as an art society in

virtual exhibitions, new works of current artists.

in addition to the work of the represented artists,

are also works of the artist associated with the city like Hermann Goepfert (Zero)

Johannes Peter Hölzinger (architect), the group X (Wolfgang Lukowski, Peter Thoms,

Jürgen Wegener), and George Maciunas (founder of Fluxus).

the internetgallery-F is a further development of the programs

the former gallery F (from 1994-2006) and exhibitions of the

art club Bad Nauheim. (2010-2017)



"Most Wanted" - Thomas Baumgärtel, Ottmar Hörl

"Integration" and "Optophonium", Johannes Peter Hölzinger, Hermann Goepfert

"The moving moment" Jürgen Paas, Erwin Herbst around Michael Ecker

"Art-Fabric-Art" with 32 artists,

"Contact sheet pictures" Thomas Kellner

"Lichten" Ute Bartel, Petra Weifenbach

"The ironic handling of the material" Thomas Kahl

"Mr. and Mrs. Müller, Meier, Schulz" bad nauheim,

"Deformation", class Ottmar Hörl / Academy Nuremberg,

as well as cooperation with art colleges and galleries

Gallery Appel / Frankfurt,

Knaus / Frankfurt,

Witzel-Davis Klemm / Wiesbaden

Angelo Falzone / Mannheim, u.



previously presented artist of the internetgalerie-F: from 2017


Michael Ecker

Tobias Ballweg

Martin Noll

Jürgen Wegener