Jürgen Wegener

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The deARTed material usage


For Jürgen Wegener, the abundant "material"

of any kind the basis for his image blends. From his

Material pool he takes unrestrained and unregulated parts and

digitally assembles them into "unauthorized" but also critical mixtures,

the so-called mixed pixels. But that's Wegener's picture information

does not become "partly cloudy" or boundless, he has all the work of

"Depreciated" material usage prescribed a stable "framework".

 - the "Mondrian Series" - for boogie woogie reasons


 "Wegener rarely finishes his groups of works, but rather

they play together motivically and become corresponding to each one

virulent socio-political issues and current

Great weather situations of the art asked again.

The narrative remains important. The abstract expression

For Wegener only makes sense until then, where they everyday life and

Present at eye level "*


 * Quotation, Dorothee Baer-Bogenschütz (Catalog "Jürgen Wegener 1957 -2015",

Bad Nauheim, 2015, page 12)


Born in 1936

1958-62 Städelschule, State College of Fine Arts,


1961-62 Joint studio with Joh. Peter Hölzinger

1961-63 room key

1958-63 glass windows in Bad Nauheim, Schupbach and in the


1958-64 The infinite wall near Limburg, not executed

1958-65 relief in Cafe Wouters in Limburg, demolished after 3 days,

                2 murals in Limburg, (both later painted over) fountain

                in Friedberg, (demolished in the 70s)

1966       Gallery Abolins, Aachen

1966       Gallery Abolins, Aachen "Knows on white" Kunsthalle Bern,

                concept: Harald Szeemann; "Group X" at Adam Seide,

                Frankfurt; Gallery Actuell, Bern; Gallery Howeg, Elmshorn

1967       Gallery Epok, Arnhem; Gallery Mode, Berlin; gallery

                Appolinaire, Milan; Darmstadt Secession Plus Meeting

                Gent; "Serial Formations" Concept: Paul Maenz Fankfurt;

                Gallery Jülicher Mönchengladbach; Small gallery,

                Schwenningen "Prima esposizione internationale

                di manifesti" Modena; Gallery Behr, Stuttgart; Galerie

                Tschanz, Solothurn; Gallery L, Gelsenkirchen

1968      "Speltijd", Bruges; Libreria Rinascita, Modena; Studio di

                estetiche, Turin; Art Intermedia, Cologne; Centro ricerche

                estechice f-uno, Florence; Comune di Fiumalbo, Modena;

               Gallery du disque Rouge, Brussels; "Plus-core", Ghent;

1987      Gallery Appel and Fertsch, Frankfurt

1988      America House, Frankfurt; Art Cologne

1989      Art Frankfurt

1990      America House, Frankfurt; Gallery Appel and Fertsch,

               Frankfurt; Art Cologne; Art Frankfurt;

1991      Art Cologne

1992     Galerie Sophienstrasse, Berlin; Kunstraum Habernoll,

              Dreieich; Art Cologne; Art Frankfurt; University Library


1993     Kunstverein Friedberg; Art Frankfurt;

1994     Galerie Appel and Fertsch, Frankfurt; gallery F, casting; Art


1994-1996 Artistic Consultation of the Galerie F in Gießen;

1996-2003 director of the gallery F in the Teichhaus, Bad Nauheim

1998-2003 ART-cooking in connection with the gallery F in the pond

                house in Bad Nauheim;

1995       gallery F, Gießen; Group exhibition with Ottmar Hörl,

                Stefan Pietryga and Madeleine Dietz;

1998       Gallery Dr.Edlich, Langen "The extraordinarily use

                from "Coca-Cola"; Galerie F, Bad Nauheim and Galerie

               "Über the German bank "Bensheim;

1996       Gallery Appel and Fertsch Architecture Project, "Kaufmann",

                Ober-Ursel; Architecture project "Denia"; Architectural

                project "Werneke" (not executed); Gallery Old Town Hall,

                Bad Nauheim; 21x multiples; Gallery F, Bad Nauheim1997;

                 Architecture project "Two towers on the lakeside terrace"

                 Gallery F, Bad Nauheim; Architecture Project,

                "Four Towers", Bensheim; "Towers and towers, gallery F,

                 Bad Nauheim; Kunstverein Frankfurt, "Homage to Horst


1999        "After the style of the house", gallery F, Bad Nauheim;

                 "Friedberger hanging" Jürgen Paas and friends,

                  Kunstverein Friedberg;

2000        "ART-COOKING-Edition", gallery F, Bad Nauheim;


                  Art Fair Dresden;

2001          "Body parts", gallery F, Bad Nauheim; Fair, ART COLOGNE

                    Group "Müller, Meier, Schulz", gallery F, Bad Nauheim;

                   "Coolpix Trio", Gallery F, Bad Nauheim;

                   "The small or the extreme format", gallery F,

                   Bad Nauheim;

2002          "The big Mercedes of Ziegenberg", gallery F, Bad Nauheim;

2003          "photo-finish" artists harass your photos, gallery F,

                    Bad Nauheim;

2004           Digital Collages

2005           "cityscape visions" of Bad-Nauheim, private gallery F;

                    "10 Installation at Ernst and Young ", Eschborn;

                    "Picture flood" Gallery F, Bad Nauheim; Sylvia Kohlgrüber

                     and Jürgen Wegener enliven "Mr. and Mrs. Müller, Meier,

                     Schulzgalerie F, Bad Nauheim;

                     Urban Landscapes "with Michael Ecker galerieF,

                     Bad Nauheim;

2007            Accrochage 3, Gallery Appel, Frankfurt

2008            Gallery Appel, Frankfurt

2009            Messe Karlsruhe, Appel Gallery

2010           "Art strengthens the character" Gallery Trinkkuranlage,

                     Bad Nauheim; "Kitchen, cooking, art,"

                     Gallery Trinkkuranlage; "Art Cloth Art" Kunstverein

                     Bad Nauheim

2004-2006  director of the gallery F in Stresemannstraße,

                     Bad Nauheim

2007             Accrochage 3, Gallery Appel, Frankfurt

2008            "The ironic handling of the material" Galerie Appel,


2009             Messe Karlsruhe, Appel Gallery

2010             "Art strengthens the character" Gallery Trinkkuranlage,

                      Bad Nauheim "Kitchen, cooking, art", gallery


2011            "Improvisation", gallery Trinkkuranlage, Bad Nauheim

                      Collection Felix Schlenker, Städtische Galerie Villingen

                      Schwenningen Space, Kunstraum Bernusstraße,

                      Frankfurt Surface. Room, relief, Verein Kunstvoll,

                      Bad Nauheim "Money" Städtische Galerie Bad Nauheim

2012            "Portraits" Municipal Gallery Oostkamp, Belgium

2014            "Kunst-Stoff-Kunst" Kunstverein Bad Nauheim

                      Bad Nauheim collector, Kunstverein Bad Nauheim

2016            "Art in the castle", Dreieich "gimmick" Schunck cultural

                      center, Heerlen, NL

2017            "Serial Formations" Daimler Art Collection, Berlin

                     "Art that can be changed" Landesgalerie Linz, Austria

2018            "Art that can be changed", Kulturspeicher Würzburg


2018            "Freiraum der Kunst" Museum Giersch of Goethe

                      University Frankfurt

Atelier 1962 Weinbergstraße 13, Bad Nauheim

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