mixed pixels

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The degenerate use of materials



For Jürgen Wegener, the abundant "material" of any kind is the basis for his

Picture mixtures. He uninhibitedly removes from his material pool

and unregulated parts and assembles them digitally to "illegal" but also critical

Mixtures, the so-called mixed pixels.

With that, however, Wegener's image information is not “partly cloudy” or borderless

he has all the work on the "degenerate" use of materials

prescribed a stable “framework”. - the "Mondrian series" - for Boogie Woogie reasons



“Wegener rarely completes his work groups, they actually play

motivated into one another and are developed according to the respective virulent social

political issues and current large-scale weather situations in art were questioned again.

The narrative remains important. For Wegener, the abstract expression results

only makes sense until it meets everyday life and the present at eye level "*



* Quote, Dorothee Baer-Bogenschütz (catalog “Jürgen Wegener 1957-2015”, Bad Nauheim, 2015, page 12)